Centre for the Living Arts

Our Supporters

Centre for the Living Arts is grateful for the generous support of the many individuals, companies, foundations, and government entities who have made the commitment to support unprecedented community engagement in Mobile.


The J.L. Bedsole Foundation
City of Mobile

$100,000 – $199,999

Educational Foundation of America
Hearin – Chandler Foundation

$25,000 – $99,999

Alabama State Council on the Arts
Community Foundation of South Alabama
The Crampton Trust
The Daniel Foundation of Alabama
National Endowment for the Arts
PNC Financial Services Group

$10,000 – $24,999

BlueCross BlueShield of Alabama
Cobb Family Foundation
The Michael C. and Patsy B. Dow Charitable Fund
Mobile Gas, a Sempra Company
Regions Bank

$5,000 – $9,999

The Ben May Charitable Trust
Hampton Inn & Suites
Mr. Edward C. Mathes
Dr. and Mrs. Leon V. McVay III
Mobile County Commission
Mr. and Mrs. Riley B. Smith

$2,500 – $4,999

Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. King
Roberts Brothers, Inc.  
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Rogers Jr.
ThyssenKrupp Steel USA, LLC
Thompson Holdings, Inc.

$1,000 – $2,500

Alabama Power Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Briskman
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cox
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Crum
Mr. and Mrs. Fred K. Granade
Hand Arendall, LLC
Dr. Roma Hanks
Mr. George R. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Parkman
Rogers & Willard, Inc. Builders
Significance Foundation

$500 – $999

Alabama Orthopaedic Clinics
Mr. John Craig Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Carley
Dr. and Mrs. Lanier S. Cauley
The Center for Reproductive Medicine PC
Cooper T. Smith Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. Blaine Crum III
Mrs. Emily Foster Day and Mr. James Day
Mr. and Mrs. Grant Gibson
Dr. and Mrs. J. Russell Goodloe Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh F. Hyland
Dr. Edward A. Hyndman III
Mr. G. David Johnson and Ms. Cecelia Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher L. Lee
Drs. Joseph and Martha LoCicero
Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord C. Lyon Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Sven-Peter Mannsfeld
Dr. P. Graham McClintock Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey A. McGovern
Mr. Michael McKown
Milling Commercial Realty, Inc.
Mrs. Arlene Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Harris V. Morrissette
Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc.
Prichard, Dewberry and Hodges P.C.
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Rodning
Dr. Helen Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Silver
Dr. and Mrs. James Simpson III
Mr. and Mrs. Norvelle Smith Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Vitalo
Ms. Erin R. Wheeler

$250 – $500

Alabama Humanities Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart Ball
M.D. Bell Company, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Brown
Dr. William L. Case
Mr. and Mrs. John Cleverdon
Hargrove and Associates, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Robin H. Luce
Mitchell McLeod Pugh & Williams, Inc.
Mr. John Nocera
Mr. and Mrs. Grey Redditt Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Robertson Jr.
Mr. Andrew A. Saunders Jr. and Mrs. Carolyn Saunders
Mr. Michael A. Smith and Ms. Karen Carr
Springhill Toyota and Lexus of Mobile
Walter Haffner Company
Mr. and Mrs. T. Bestor Ward III
Mr. Palmer Whiting
Witherington Construction Corporation

$100 – $250

Mr. and Mrs. Ferrell S. Anders
Mr. and Mrs. John W.O. Anderson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Armbrecht II
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Backes
Mrs. Chris Barraza
Mr. Robert Bender
Ms. Lori Boyce
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Brown Jr.
Mrs. W. G. Caffey Jr.
Dr. Philip Carr
Dr. William L. Case
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Casey
Mrs. Mary B. Cleverdon
Mrs. Carol Crowe
Mr. Charles Daniels
Mrs. Frank M. Dulaney
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Frank Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Danner Frazer Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Friedlander
Mr. Joe Hobbs
Dr. and Mrs. G. Douglas Hungerford
Mr. Herndon Inge, Jr. and Mrs. Alice Mighell-Inge
Ms. Florence Kessler
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough
Larson & McGowin, Inc.
Ms. Margery W. Lester
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lynch
Mr. Steve Mack
Mr. and Mrs. Berney Malkove
Mr. and Mrs. G. Wildon Mareno
Mr. Garry D. Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. W. Earl Monroe, D.M.D.
Monique and Isabella Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Caine O’Rear III
Mr. and Mrs. David Pearsall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Pischek
Jackie Reynolds
Drs. Cesar and Theresa Roca
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Saad
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Sawyer
Mrs. Diane Seibert
Mr. Willoughby Shedd
Ms. Mary Hunter Slaton
Ms. Judy Strada
Mrs. Anna Farrell Swider
Ms. Marianne Terry
Dr. and Mrs. E. M. Toler
Mrs. Suzanne Trice
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Van Aken
Ms. Elizabeth E. Walmsley
Mrs. Mabel B. Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Warner
Mr. Lawrence Wettermark
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Wiggins
Ms. Valerie Wilhelm
Wintzell’s Oyster House
Ms. Laura H. Worsham

$50 – $100

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Allen
Mr. & Mrs. David Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Bender
Mr. Henry Brewster
Ms. Carmen Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Peter F. Burns
Ms. Suzanne Dix Cleveland
Mr. and Mrs. David Coxe
Crescent Theater
Ms. Mary Fiser
Mr. Nathan Friedlander
Mr. and Mrs. David Hagan
Mr. and Mrs. Marion Hartley
Mr. Benjamin Lang
Mrs. Herman Maisel
Ms. Millie McNeil and Mr. Stephen Martin
Susan McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. McLean
Mr. & Mrs. David Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Pfeffle
Mr. and Mrs. David Powers
Robin Rolison
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Shirley
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Snider
Ms. Perilla A. Wilson

$25 – $50

Dr. and Mrs. Nathan Aronson Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. G. Robert Baker Sr.
Ms. Marion M. Bass
Ms. Gail Bramer
Ms. Joanne Brandt
Ms. Shirley Bridges
Wes Burton
Ms. Nancy Connell
Mr. and Mrs. J. Gary Cooper
Carey Daniel
Ms. Lynne Davis
Ms. Donna Dunman
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Damson
Beth Emley
Mrs. Anne Falkenhagen
Ms. Mary Ann Fesenmeier
Molly Freeman
Ms. Joy Gardner
Ms. Therese Grodsky
Ms. Susan W. Hales
Ms. Irene Hawkins
Mr. Charles E. Hayes
Mrs. Lee M. Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Howard
Ms. Bonney Irwin
Mrs. Patricia Johnson
The Honorable and Mrs. Gordon B. Kahn
Mr. John Lawler
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Lawler
Lydia Levert
Mr. John Mahony
Ms. Deborah M. Marsal
Mrs. Gail McCain
Ms. Courtney McGowin
Mrs. H. Taylor Morrissette
Debbie Murphy
Christina Nettles
Ms. Anna Belle Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Nolen
Ms. Kaora Oka
Ms. Olivia Vacalis Oliver
Ms. Jean Pippin
Ms. Caroline Pryor
Lauren Ramsay
Ms. Martelle O. Scott
Sonja Sheffield
Ms. Gail Stilwell
Lou Stutts
Augusta Tapia
Mrs. Martha B. Tissington
Bobba Turley
Ms. McLeod Turner
Mr. Mark D. Davis and Mr. Pete J. Vallas
Mr. Nicholas A. Vrakelos
Ms. Rita Walker
Mr. Dan Silver and Ms. Susan G. Williams
Mrs. Jane Williamson
Beverly Wilson
Dede Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Wood
Brenda Woodmansee

$25 and under

Ms. Jacqueline L. Davidson
Stephanie Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. O’Neill

This list reflects pledges and cash donations made between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013. While every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of these lists, we apologize for any errors that may occur. Please direct any inquiries or corrections to the CLA Development Office at 251-208-5682.