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2014 Summer Camp  descriptions:

Let your child explore the world of contemporary art through CLA  Summer Camps!

CLA camps are not your average art camps…your child will enjoy classes that include a range of mediums like painting, drawing, Papier Mâché, photography, and more. Participants also have the opportunity to interact with artwork by nationally and internationally recognized artists and designers.

CLA explores ideas that matter using exhibition-based curriculum taught by passionate instructors. Our camps offer a variety of art-making experiences, guided tours of Pre-Glo, and field trips in downtown Mobile.

Campers will draw inspiration from the works of artists Mario Ybarra, Jr.Tom Leeser, Xavier de Richemont, and Kenny Scharf to generate ideas and ignite creativity.

Summer Camp Schedule

To register, contact Darby Ulery Wiik at (251) 208-5659 or cla.education@cityofmobile.org.
Don’t forget to ask about member and multiple children discounts.  

Ages 4-7

Mini Masters 

Campers will enjoy a wide variety of art-making experiences that push the limits of creativity. Materials such as crayons, paint and paper will be used. Collage, clay and found objects will be transformed into colorful pieces of artwork.

Big Builders

Big Builders is all about BIG creations and urban design. Campers will bring their ideas to life using a variety of materials such as painting, drawing, and collage. Big Builders will teach your child the basic drawing skills and creative process involved in designing their own multidimensional city or park.

Play with Print 

Art and play will be integrated in this camp as campers experience the fun side of printmaking through games and group projects. Campers will create wearable artwork, or pieces that can be displayed at home using paint, stencils, markers, and other exciting materials.

Creating with Clay 


Campers will learn the basic skills for hand-building and glazing clay pieces. Artwork by contemporary artists will be explored when creating hand-built pieces. Projects will be glazed, fired, and ready to take home the week after class ends.

Ages 8-13

Think Big 


Think Big uses artist such as Mario Ybarra, Jr. and Kenny Scharf as inspiration for creating large scale art. We’re talking billboards, murals and large scale installations! Campers will work both alone and in groups to create art that makes a big statement by working with Papier Mâché, paint, and more!

Media Masters 

This camp will train campers to become media masters! Projects include anything from designing your own cereal box to making your own commercial. Different forms of art will be introduced throughout the camp, such as drawing, video and digital art. Campers will learn advertising tips and tricks, and behind the scenes secrets in television and film.

Stop-Motion Animation 

Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 4.41.12 PM

Campers will learn the basics of stop-motion animation, and will tell their stories through art and technology. Campers will construct their own sets, animate three short films, and go on a filmmaker field trip. Friends and family will be invited to view the animators’ films during the last day of class. Click here to see some of last year’s masterpieces!

Graffiti Art 

DSC_0064 copy

Graffiti Art camp delves into the world of street art and gives campers the opportunity to create their own graffiti-influenced art.  Using the work of nationally recognized artists such as Kenny Scharf, creator of MOBLOBZ, the mural on CLA’s exterior, for inspiration, your child will learn about graffiti culture and the significance of public art.  Students will use materials such as chalk pastels, paint, stencils, and markers to create their masterpiece.

Young Architects 

Utilizing a variety of materials to create a multidimensional city or park, Young Architects camp explores urban design and planning. Using painting, drawing, and collage, this camp will teach your child the basic drawing skills and creative process needed to bring their ideas to life!

Creating with Clay 

Campers will learn the basic skills for hand-building, wheel throwing and glazing clay pieces. Students will learn about contemporary art while creating hand-built pieces. Projects will be glazed, fired, and ready to take home the week after class ends.


IMG_4372 copy

Campers will learn the basics of printmaking while exploring block prints, screen prints and monoprints. Work on view in the CLA gallery will be used as inspiration for creating one-of-a-kind art projects. Campers will create wearable artwork or pieces that can be displayed at home. Materials include paint, stencils, markers, and other fun mediums.

Sketchbook Art 

mario sket

Sketchbooking is an important, emerging practice that helps artists across all disciplines articulate and share their ideas. In this brand new camp, students will use various materials to take their ideas from their heads to their sketchbooks. Different projects will be introduced each day, and campers will have the opportunity to fill their blank pages with ideas, drawings and designs. Fundamentals of drawing will be explored, and campers experiment with photography, collage, colored pencils and more!

Experimental Art

StopMotionCamp2013.3 Future Tense, Tom Leeser

Using Pre-glo as inspiration, Experimental Art camp will look to new mediums to create innovative artwork. Campers will learn how to integrate technology into their work, using digital photography, video and other exciting mediums!

Prices include registration for one week and all class supplies. If you are a CLA member, a discount will be applied. All fees must be paid in full with registration.
Please do not leave children unattended outside the building. Children should be picked up when camp ends. We ask that you send a peanut-free lunch, and advise a staff member if your child has any serious allergies or health issues.

2013 CLA Summer Camp Reviews:

“As our two boys evolve and grow into themselves, it is primarily because of the summer camps and classes, and the sincere dedication of the teachers at [Centre for the Living Arts], that art will be a part of their early experiences. We are confident that art will be one of the tools they can access to understand and affect their world, that art will be a language they can use to communicate their particular thoughts and hopes; and our confidence is due, in large part, to the resources, guidance, and encouragement they received at [Centre for the Living Arts].

–Alice and Brad Nolen

“My son, Jeffrey, took the two stop-motion animation classes over the summer. What a truly wonderful experience! He learned so much and was absolutely inspired to continue creating videos at home. The teachers were excellent with the kids, not only firing their imaginations, but letting them follow their own directions, and guiding them without interfering in the creative process. Both of his instructors were incredibly professional and fantastic with the kids. I thought that his class was taught well, organized well and I plan on signing him up for more classes next summer.”

–Sonja Sheffield

“Once again [Centre for the Living Arts] did a tremendous job with summer camps.  My son looks forward to attending different camps every summer, but his favorite is the Stop Motion Animation.  It is a great experience for the campers, and they always end up with an impressive product.  The teachers and staff are amazing as well, and always do a wonderful job at encouraging creativity!”

–Molly Freeman

“We LOVED the CLA art camps!!  Basil made so many great masterpieces.  He really enjoyed the classes.  He wanted to stay longer each day.  We will definitely be back next summer!  Thanks so much.”

–Cheryl Zafiris